Friday, May 6, 2016

Beaver Valley Exploration

Friday, May 6, 2016, went out for a ride with vague knowledge of some tracks in the Beaver Valley. We ended up riding up and down the escarpment on various roads and trails. Here is the story:

The first offroad bit was a little water crossing, some uphill, and a muddy track:

Heading towards the Beaver Valley we took a rail trail... that is not much more than a road without traffic... but gets us where we want to go:

Leading off the rail trail was an ATV trail... which lead to a plowed field crossing and another water crossing:

From here we checked out some ski hills:

Moving along... we did a bunch of escarpment exploring until we did this uphill challenge leading to a section of the Bruce Trail.

Sure, I made it up fine... Chase however slipped out and cracked his clutch case on a rock:

Which he fixed with some JB Weld, but killed off the daylight hours forcing us to head home: