Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Park to Park Trail

The Park to Park organization graciously offered a free trail pass to motorized users this weekend (May 13 and 14, 2017), so I took them up on their offer!

I was a little bit hesitant heading up there... the Park to Park trail often has patches of standing water, and with the rainy spring we've had I figured those patches would be large and deep. That, and the forecast called for rain all day meant it could be a very wet day indeed.

I parked at the community center in Sprucedale and headed East as I hadn't done that portion of the trail yet. The morning had some drizzle, but nothing too bad. It cleared up later in the day:

I spent about five hours riding. Most of that time I was exploring logging roads and ATV trails between Kearney and Algonquin Park.

Here is a Google Photos compilation of my videos for the day:

Here is an example of some of the water I encountered on the trail:

And then a bit of mud:

It wasn't all like that though... most of it was straight rail trail with a lot of whoops or East of Kearney were a lot of logging roads:

Overall, it was a great day of riding. Lots of fun; I highly recommend paying the fee for the pass and riding the trail. Most of it can be done with larger adventure bikes, but it is still a lot of fun on smaller, more dirt orientated bikes.