Sunday, January 28, 2018

Nice day for a January 28th!

I brought the new machine up to 'The Lookout' near Shelburne, Ontario. It was around 3 degrees Celsius, and very little snow left. There was a few inches of well packed snow in the forest, and a lot of ice on the non-maintained road running beside the lookout. Good times... this quad really makes going anywhere easy. I would have had a very tough time on the bike today in the conditions I was riding in.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ready for Adventure!

Well, it's too cold to ride (-37° with the windchill, doesn't matter if F or C, same at this cold), so I prep'd instead: I wasn’t sure yet what sort of cargo box I wanted, so in the meantime I decided to install a Stanley Fatmax toolbox.

After installing I realized the side of the box has enough space to have a 1.5g (nearly 6l) tank on either side (secured with Rok Straps)… so 3g spare fuel at the ready. The box is loaded with a winch strap, a pull strap, tire plug kit, air compressor, tools, a lithium booster pack, and a saw for cutting small trees. Still plenty of room to carry a lunch, some water, etc… ready for Adventure!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Adding a direction!

I've decided to add another ride to the stable. Still keeping the bike though. Next season I plan to have some ride reports involving this beast: