Thursday, May 17, 2018

Klim Warranty

So those of you that read this blog have never seen the gear I ride with as I usually ride along and don't do selfies.

My favourite jacket for the past few years has been my Klim Traverse jacket with D30 armour. This jacket with a sweater under allows me to ride in as cold as 10 degrees Celsius comfortably, remove the sweater, wear a sweat absorbing T-shirt and open the side arm vents on the Traverse and I can ride comfortably in 35 degree Celsius weather, all the while being waterproof so I don't need to stop for long if I get caught in the rain.

The one downside I never liked about this jacket was the zipper. Since day one it was never very smooth to operate in particular down at the catch where you put the two sides together. It has often frustrated me and has confounded me as to how a $500+ (Canadian) jacket can come with a cheap plastic zipper.

My last ride out, exploring between Coldwater up to Big Chute, and down to Swift, the zipper finally jumped the shark and five plastic teeth broke off while I was trying to open the jacket and it jammed.

See the five missing teeth on the zipper?

So considering the jacket is not that old, and Klim supposedly has a product lifetime warranty, I decided to try and see if they will fix this up for me before I bring it to a local tailor. My online searches at about the Klim warranty didn't sound very promising though. Many many reports about denied warranty claims, etc.. But I figured, may as well try... all they can say is no.

So I opened up a ticket with the warranty department at and submitted the pictures as requested. Before long I got emailed a UPS shipping label with instructions to remove the armour, wash the jacket, and send it in to them. So I did.

This is where I am at now. They have received my jacket but said there will be a four day delay in processing as they need to wash the jacket first -- and as a courtesy they will waive the $25USD washing fee. I did wash this jacket though. Washed for 59 minutes in my LG washer on the Heavy cycle, rinsed twice, and dried in the drier. The pictures below show the jacket before it was washed -- already not very dirty, just stained as this light grey seems to do easily.

So the first take-away from a Klim warranty: make sure you wash it very very well or you will likely be charged for them to clean it again. I thought my one wash with a dusty jacket was sufficient; apparently it was not.

To be continued...

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