Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II Provincial Park

I decided to go for a ride instead of ATVing, as the forests still have snow in them as well as a lot of water.

I parked up at Washago and toured around a bit on the back roads heading to Queen Elizabeth II Provincial Park... a non-operational park that has a small cottage road leading in and crosses a few rivers/waterfalls.

When I got to Black River Road from Chisholm Trail, it was hard to miss that the Black River was very flooded. Cottages beside the road had four feet of water surrounding them. I followed Black River Road as far as I could into the park, but at one point the river had breached the road and connected with a lake on the other side. Not knowing how deep it might be or if it washed out or not, I didn't attempt to cross it. Some parts of the road still had snow on the edge, and many roads and trails are flooded out up here.

This is Black River Road... where the river breached the road.

Rapids on a river that is much higher than normal and flooding the trees on the bank.

Had to cross many flooded parts of the road.

Crossed this old bridge leading to a not maintained road/trail... but the trail was flooded out and I had to turn back.

Another very high and fast moving river somewhere along my 100km ride from Washago. Nice day for a ride.

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