Friday, April 26, 2019

Avoid for Yuasa Batteries.

I just bought a Yuasa YT7B-BS for my DRZ, and ordered from as I've ordered from them before and they have had the cheapest prices.

Every time I ordered a Yuasa before, it came uncharged with the acid separate; which is great because that way you know it wasn't sitting.

This battery came in a generic box, stuffed with newspaper, and pre-charged. I complained to saskbattery and yuasa as it appears refurbished to me, and I have no idea how long it has been charged and sitting.

They claim they repackage batteries to avoid theft -- so I had to ask, why not just put the factory box in a slightly larger generic box so you can still maintain the new-in-box integrity of the item? Crickets...

Anyway, just a short rant to state I will be avoiding and sticking with a more reputable dealer.

Update, May 9 2019:

The only resolution to this problem that was offered was that said I could return this for a full refund but the shipping would be on me. I disagree with this solution. I ordered a new battery, I did not order the wrong item and did not change my mind. Why should I be penalized (paying the cost of the return shipping) for a mistake that was not mine?

Since Saskbattery would not help me, I turned to Paypal. Paypal's resolution was exactly the same. Send it back on my dime, get a full refund. Still unacceptable. I tried escalating the case but it was denied and closed. So I have closed my Paypal account.

Finally, I phone Costco Capital One Mastercard to see if they could help. Because is offering a full refund, nothing they can do either.

So the end result is that I got shafted with a used or refurbished battery with no recourse other than paying to ship it back. This taught me an important lesson about buying locally if possible so you can see before you buy, otherwise only shop with companies who have decent return policies like Costco or Amazon.